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Home is

wherever we are today


In April of 2021 we sold just about everything we owned and hit the road to travel full-time throughout North America. We left behind life on our Vancouver Island hobby farm - complete with alpacas, chickens, and

geese - and bought a truck and a trailer to become full-time RV'ers. Having the ability to take our time to see so many new places - as well as some old favourites - has been an incredible experience.


After jumping into RV life with no experience we're venturing into the unknown again as we build a home for the first time. We're still full-time RV'ers - but we're also constructing our dream home amidst the majesty of the Canadian Rockies. We're excited by all the adventure that awaits us in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC.

The past few years have allowed us to write some entirely new chapters in our lives and have given us countless opportunities to learn and grow. We're doing it all again as we work to turn our life in the

Kootenays from dream to reality!

Thank you for following along - and please follow us on Instagram as well at:


Instagram: @big_rv_journey

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