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Veronica & Jeff

When we moved to Shirley, British Columbia in 2016 we figured our amazing little hobby farm would be our 'forever' home. We loved every single day of our lives in Shirley, and during our five years there we became even more certain that we had found heaven. We were empty nesters. We raised chickens, geese, and alpacas. We opened an airbnb that gave us the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. Life was truly a dream - and the people we met in Shirley will always have a special place in our hearts.

But in early 2021 - with the pandemic stretching into its second year - we started looking at things differently. We came to the realization that time was moving too quickly. We weren't getting any younger - and the saying 'you only live once' began to have more meaning. 


We had always loved road trips. And we had always wished we had taken more time to explore. We joked about selling everything and embarking on a permanent road trip. Then we looked at each other and asked: "Why not?"

Over the course of a few days in early February, 2021 we hatched our plan: Sell the house. Shop for an RV. Hit the road.

We called a realtor. We educated ourselves about RV's. We made a list of places we'd like to go and people we'd like to visit. We shared our idea with our kids, families, and friends - all of whom were completely supportive. We researched how to stay connected and work effectively on the road. And we got more and more excited every day.​ 


We didn't waste any time: our house was sold less than three weeks after our first conversation - and about two weeks after that we had a new truck and trailer sitting in our driveway! There's a saying that 'time kills all good ideas' and we didn't want this one to die. Everything went even more smoothly than we could have hoped - and on April 30th, 2021 we pulled out of our driveway on Vancouver Island for the last time.


Our first lap of North America took about 18 months and covered over 15,000 kilometres. There were some places we stayed for just one night and others that we never wanted to leave. We saw countless new places and enjoyed some of our old favourites. We made new friends, reconnected with old ones, and we were even featured in an RV magazine.


But the best part of all was having an opportunity to take our time exploring and learning about so many new places.


Now we're ready for the next phase of our lives: being grandparents and building a home for the first time! We can't wait to set down roots again. But we know the road will call again. And we hope you enjoy following along!

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